XIII. kerület, Hegedűs Gyula utca 14.

(V., Csáky utca 14.)

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Június 21. szervező
Gránitz Tamara


Paul Tamas
2014. March 03., Monday

My mother and her 2 sisters and other family members lived in this house and I was growing up here too. My grandparents and 13 members of the family was deported from there in 1944. My mother was one of the few survivals of the holocaust. One day in November the "arrow cross " showed up and ordered all of the Jewish tenants to move to the Jewish Ghetto, during the march, there was an air-raid and the soldiers went to the air raid shelter and they left the Jewish people on the street unattended,my mother decided to go back to the house ( the rest of the family was afraid to do the same) she removed the yellow star of her cloth and walked back to the house and asked help from a Christian family Mr. and Mrs. Jeno (Eugene) Szallay. They did hide her in their apartment, shared their food etc. with her until the Russian Army liberated Budapest in January of 1945.Mr. Szallay was a driver of a high - ranking Hungarian army officer, so when the "arrow cross "soldiers did come, they left him alone, because of his uniform.
I did grow up in the same house, but unfortunately I never had a chance to thank them to saving my mother's and consequently my life.